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Eighteenth Party Halloween Theme


Are you looking for an original idea to celebrate an eighteenth birthday that stands out from that of all your friends and is worthy of being remembered? Well what to say, organizing a theme party could certainly be the best option, but identifying the right theme is not as easy as it seems, especially because there are so many options. However, for those born towards the last days of October, it is simplified because it could be very fun to organize an eighteenth party Halloween theme!
Did you like the idea? I knew it! I bet that millions of questions like "how can I make the party really terrifying?" Are going to turn in your head now, but above all ... "where do I start to organize it ?!"
Don't worry, I'll take care of it. Take a deep breath and continue reading, because below I'll give you lots of original ideas to give life to a scary party!

To organize a theme party that works, the most important part concerns the choice of costumes, but above all the decorations. On this occasion you will have the opportunity to give free rein to your imagination, transforming the chosen location for the event into a real horror castle. Focus on black and fill the structure with gravestoneswitches and ghosts. Play with soft lightsHang batsspidersghosts and cobwebs on the walls. Place a few skeletons, candles and pumpkins here and there and that's it.
However, the importance of music should not be underestimated either! Identifying the right playlist is essential for creating a creepy atmosphere.
To welcome the guests, use ad hoc sound effects that you will easily find on the internet, such as creaking doors or satanic laughter and then starting chilling songs. Also download the soundtracks of the typical scary movies like Profondo Rosso or Friday 13, so that you will create a big scare!

After welcoming the guests creating an atmosphere of mystery and fear, here comes the moment when we finally eat! It will seem nonsense, but even in this case it is important not to be trivial and organize everything in such a way that the theme of Halloween is also reflected in food and drink.
Try to serve a frightening aperitif in the shadows, with cocktails colored with natural dyes that recall poisons and blood, invaded by little worms (of candy), ice cubes and a pupil (fake) that spies on you! Wrap the wine bottles in medical gauzes and cobwebs and write on the labels: poison.
As a finger food, brings to the table small pizzas with eyes, mummified frankfurters and canapés in the shape of ghosts, followed by a first course such as pumpkin risotto and many sweets inspired by Halloween monsters to end the meal and accompany the highlight of the evening ... the cake! Entrust yourself to your trusted pastry chef or find out about someone who can create American style pies. I assure you that your efforts and your commitment will be greatly appreciated!


Name : Villa Gaudia
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